Ferragosto Collection - The Story behind the Designs

The Ferragosto collection is inspired by the eponymous month-long Italian summer holiday. Every August, when the sun reaches its apex, Italians head from the city to the sea in search of cool waters, sea breezes, and the Italian equivalent of R&R – dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing. It’s a time to savor, when most businesses are shuttered, and the only important decision of the day is where to lay your towel in the sand.

Memories of a Ferragosto past and a visceral yearning for ones to come informed the stories behind each design in the collection, the use of colors, and the settings in which the scarves are most naturally at home.

From the City to the Sea

cool waters, sea breezes, and the sweetness of doing nothing

In fact, the story begins at home, in the city. It’s the evening before Ferragosto and all is in order. The office is neat, everything in its rightful place for an easy return one month from now. The bags are by the door, packed. All that’s left to do is say the goodbyes. You’ve arranged to meet some friends for an aperitivo. This is still the city, after all, and a certain decorum of dress is expected. But it’s nearly Ferragosto, so something reminiscent of the season and foretelling of the days to come is within reason too. So, you reach for your houndstooth scarf, a classic, and get lost in the cream and blue with visions of yourself sitting in the sand staring up at the summer sky.

Ahh, the moment you’ve dreamed of for so long is finally here - the official beginning of Ferragosto, marked by your arrival at the cerulean sea! Time to make that all important decision. Looking left, looking right, nothing but rows of harmoniously stripped umbrellas. Iconic. A sea breeze carries the scent of sunscreen. This lounge chair will do – an island oasis in the sunbaked sand.   

That initial moment, when after being in the sun for some time, you fully submerge yourself in the sea, diving deeper and deeper, each passing meter sharply colder than the previous. You look up to see the sun’s golden rays breaking though the blue, it’s silent save the occasional static of the sea, and there’s a feeling of weightlessness. Pure bliss. 

A day spent by the sea, and dinner in town. Just lovely. In the seaside village, an easiness about dress is a prerequisite, but this isn’t to be confused with uncomposed. So, something classic, something playful and unexpected will do. Why not a chic take on the traditional houndstooth pattern?

Antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci were all consumed. Along with a perfectly healthy volume of vino. A full belly and several hours later, it’s time to retire. Rather than walking directly home, a more indirect route is decided on, more wandering than anything really, through the main piazza and along the boardwalk - an evening passeggiata to stretch the legs and digest a Ferragosto day well-lived.

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The way you tell a story is wonderful. I immediately feel like I’m in italy. A flashback to a great time, experiences and people.

I am a big fan, keep up the good work.


Sarah September 13, 2021

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