Inspiration For Giardini di Firenze Collection

We start every collection with an idea of a story that we want to share. As the collection develops, the story becomes more personal and takes on unique characteristics and details that aren't able to be copied because they are rooted in our personal experiences. For Spring/Summer 2022 we knew wanted to explore the idea of Florence's gardens as inspiration for the collection. But what we wanted to avoid was falling back on floral motifs that are so prominent in silk scarf designs. So we started to recall memories and look back on photos from our time living in and visiting Florence. We recounted a summer day with no agenda where we leisurely wandered the city strolling from one garden to another. The memory is still so vivid and life-like. It was an idle day's passeggiata, and although we couldn't have known it at the time, it became the story for the Giardini di Firenze collection, and had already written itself.   

Collection Introduction 

Most visitors to Firenze stay just long enough to see the main attractions before moving on. The savvy tourist knows better and builds in a day to just wander. On its side streets and away from the crowds is where you'll find the Firenze you were looking for all along.

The Giardini di Firenze collection tells a story of a day spent under the Florentine sun. When tied together, the scarves create an itinerary for an idle day’s passeggiata. Along the way, you will experience Florence’s gardens and “locals-only” hidden gems. Can’t visit in person? No problem. The Giardini di Firenze collection will transport you from your reality to a Florentine daydream.


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