Luxury That Stands the Test of Time

We've said it before, but it's worth repeating - our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. They are so central to our identity that we decided to carve them in stone by representing them in our logo.

The Arch

The arch is a structural element of the Mediterranean aesthetic and represents our commitment to product. The arch’s design and construction make it a solid foundation that can withstand the test of time. We think all luxury products should be created with these same characteristics in mind. This means that all our products are designed to be foundational elements of your wardrobe and produced to the highest possible standards to ensure they will last for decades, if not generations.

Each Passeggiata scarf is crafted using only the most luxurious silk on the market. The screen printed Città scarf is handcrafted to the most exacting standards according to specialized silk printing know-how perfected over many centuries. The Ombrellone, Mare, and Sera scarves are crafted using the most advanced silk printing technology in conjunction with artisan expertise and handwork to achieve a product that is truly artisanal. The colorways are timeless, yet contemporary. Each scarf is meticulously inspected to ensure color accuracy, pattern matching, and consistency of the hand-rolled edges. 

A Passeggiata scarf is a foundational element of your wardrobe today, and will be decades and generations from now.  



Dear Julia,

It’s wonderful to hear that you are interested in the production process and the people behind the products. It is important to us to make our processes as transparent as possible. We are working on making sure that in the future there will be information, pictures and interviews about every collection from the inspiration, design and production process that we can share with you.
To be able to take part in this process before the collection is released, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter.

It’s great to have you in our community. Take care.


Passeggiata October 25, 2021

are you planning a new collection and is it possible to see pictures of the production process?
I think it’s very nice to ‘be part’ of the production process.


Julia October 20, 2021

Hi Susie, thanks for asking! In the photo, our yellow Mare scarf is being printed. Ahead of the Mare, you can see what are called “strike-offs,” which are samples to ensure that everything is set for the actual production. If there are any issues in the strike-off, for example the color is not quite right or the pattern is slightly off, they will be fixed before the entire production run.

Passeggiata September 29, 2021

Just curious, can you explain what’s happening in the photo?

Susie September 29, 2021

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