Our Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Passeggiata’s values are the cornerstone of everything we do. They are so central to our identity that we decided to carve them in stone by representing them in our logo. 


Rosemary represents our commitment to the planet. Rosemary is present in so many aspects of Mediterranean life, and is our constant reminder to always make the sustainable and environmentally conscious choice throughout our operations. We have high expectations and seek out suppliers and solutions that meet our standards. If there is a sustainable alternative, we choose it. Where one does not exist, we work with our suppliers to create it.

We are extremely proud of the environmentally conscious business practices that we have implemented to date, and believe that sustainability is a journey. We do everything that we can, given our size and scale, to make the biggest difference possible. 

Packaging is one part of our supply chain where we saw an opportunity to do things differently, for the benefit of our customers and the planet. Packaging is the ultimate consumable. Firstly, it’s created for a single use -  just to get the product from business to consumer, ending its life in the bin shortly after delivery. Also, it’s often designed less thoughtfully. Usually viewed as ancillary or distinct from the product itself, packaging is more of an afterthought and not given the same care from a design and sustainability perspective as the product it’s intended to protect and transport.

At Passeggiata, we believe that packaging is part of the customer experience and that it’s inherently tethered to the product. Therefore, we approach our packaging with the same attention to design and sustainability as our scarves. When you receive your Passeggiata parcel, here is what you should know: 

  1. We work with our logistics partners to ensure that every order is transported with a net neutral carbon footprint. 
  2. The mailer window on the corrugated box is made from recycled plastic. 
  3. The corrugated mailer box is made from 90% recycled content and is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Furthermore, they have been locally produced to reduce freight emissions and are fabricated in a facility that meets or exceeds the EU’s Clean Air Programme. For every order from our mailer box supplier, Passeggiata plants more trees than are used to make the boxes, helping to offset the effects of production.   
  4. The tape used to seal the mailer box is compostable, and is made from recycled paper and a natural adhesive.
  5. The branded QR sticker on the mailer box is produced using FSC-certified and acid-free paper, soy-based inks, and is compostable.
  6. The filler inside the box is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable.
  7. The product box is made from natural wood which absorbs and releases moisture to ensure the safety and longevity of your scarves during storing. The product boxes are reusable and repurposable.  
  8. Your scarf is wrapped in tissue paper that is made from recycled material, and is recyclable.
  9. The sticker branded with the Passeggiata logo securing the tissue paper is produced using FSC-certified and acid-free paper, and soy-based inks. 

As said above, sustainability is a journey, and we are working with our partners to improve our environmental impact in the following areas: 

  1. Transition to paper based shipping mailer windows that are not only made from recycled material, but are also recyclable and compostable. 
  2. It is standard practice for our silk printer to ship the scarves to Passeggiata in plastic sleeves to protect them during transit. We are actively working to find a more environmentally conscious and functional solution.

We are proud to say that we did not have to settle or make any sacrifices on our product packaging. It took more effort, time, and expense to find the right partners that meet our sustainability standards,  but we were ultimately able to create packaging that is beautiful, on brand, functional, and sustainable. 

Please feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback about our environmental initiatives.


Hi Isabel,

We are so happy that you love your scarf! To answer your question, yes, you should keep your scarf folded in the wood box when you’re not wearing it. The wood breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture, which creates the optimal environment for silk. Storing your scarf in the wood box will ensure that it lasts many many decades.

Silk is a naturally elastic fiber, and after a few moments of wear any creases attributable to being folded during storage will naturally release.

Hope this answers your questions.

All the best,


Passeggiata September 14, 2021

Hi Passeggiata,

I received my scarf, and love it! The packaging is superb, especially now knowing how environmentally friendly it is.

A quick question regarding the box and storage – so you recommend that I store my scarf folded in the box when I’m not wearing it?

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing back from you!

Isabel September 14, 2021

A super approach.
I like the packaging and the QR codes are cool too.
My sister ordered something from you and I scanned the code on the sticker and came across your website.

Julia September 13, 2021

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