Passeggiata People - Episode no. 1

Passeggiata People is a series where we sit down with customers to learn more about their lives, their Metro-Mediterranean mindset, and why they chose Passeggiata.  

Our guest this week is Erica, a London-based public relations professional who expects her brands to have both beauty and substance.

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Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Erica. I live in London, I'm originally from the US, and I work in public relations.

What is your personal connection to the Mediterranean? 

I was very fortunate as a child to spend many years living in Europe, and six years living in Italy, both in the north and the south of the country. I feel such a close connection to the people, the culture, and the mindset that the Mediterranean, and Italy specifically, embodies. The warmth, hospitality, and free spiritedness is unique in the world and really special. 

What attracted you to Passeggiata?

There are a number of things that attracted me to Passeggiata. First, is just the patterns and the colors of the scarves. They're so thoughtfully and uniquely designed. I know that when I'm wearing a Passeggiata scarf, I'm not going to run into anyone else on the street wearing the same thing. And I think that's really special. They're really eye catching and just embody the playfulness and free spiritedness of the Mediterranean. But on a deeper level, I am really impressed by the commitment that Passeggiata has made to their values of people, product and planet. I think that's really admirable, especially for a company that's so young and so early in its development.

They're very clear on what's important to them, and that's taking care of the environment, being close to their suppliers, and building a community. They know where all their products come from, and they're very close to the production. They really give a lot of thought to every detail, from the packaging to how it's delivered to the customer - and everything in between.

And then finally, just the quality of the scarves themselves. They're beautiful and unsurpassed in the feel of the silk and the hand-rolled edges.

It's just very luxurious.

What is your favorite product from Passeggiata, and how do you wear it?

I love this Città scarf in this houndstooth pattern. You can see that I'm wearing it here with a work dress because I have calls later. That's what I really love about the scarf, that you can dress it up or dress it down. Later, I would probably pair it with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and it just adds that little extra spark for drinks with friends.

Describe the ideal Mediterranean setting where you would wear the Città scarf.

When I put the scarf on, here in London, what I picture is myself sitting in a piazza somewhere in Italy, drinking an Aperol Spritz as the sun is setting, sharing a laugh and good times with a few close friends.


I own the Città too, and couldn’t agree more. Those hand-rolled edges and the feel! It is indeed very luxurious.

Elizabeth M. September 13, 2021

Lovely interview with Erica, and I agree that the Città really is that versatile.

Amanda September 13, 2021

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