Our environmental commitment in Action

From day one, we made the conscious decision that all of our business activities must respect the environment and do everything possible to promote a healthier planet. We carved this commitment in stone by representing it in our logo.

The sprig of rosemary in our logo represents our commitment to the planet. Rosemary transcends so many levels of Mediterranean life, and its ubiquity is our constant reminder to always make the sustainable and environmentally conscious choice throughout our operations. We have high expectations and seek out suppliers and solutions that meet our standards. If there is a sustainable alternative, we choose it. Where one does not exist, we work with our suppliers to create it.

 Values only mean something if you live by them. Below are examples of the decisions that we have made to date that support our commitment to the planet.

  • We pay more per shipment for carbon neutral transport.
  • Our silk is 100% natural, and contains no artificial fibers.
  • Our silk printer is Bureau Veritas certified, and exceeds all environmental and ecological standards.
  • All orders are shipped in packaging that is 100% compostable, including the packaging tape and stickers.  

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Congratsss you guys!! Amazing job!! In love with the branding and the products!!

Nourhan el hariri August 07, 2021

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