Rose Scarf - The Inspiration

The Rose scarf was inspired by Florence's Giardino delle Rose (Rose Garden). It's a whimsical hideaway, full of vibrant colors and the delicate perfume of the blooming roses. However, designing a floral-inspired scarf can be a thorny undertaking.

For our Rose scarf, we set out to capture the sensation of strolling through the garden without relying on the use of traditional floral motifs. We thought back on our time spent there, considering all the elements that could serve as inspiration for the scarf. We kept coming back to the garden's winding and irregular footpath - not the main attraction, obviously, but for us, one of its defining characteristics that became the centerpiece of our pure silk scarf. 

We balanced the contemporary aesthetic of the footpath-inspired center design, with the delicate use of our hand-drawn roses along the border. The result is a fresh look for the timeless floral print scarf. 

Design Story 

The placard beside this garden’s entrance should read “take your time to waste a moment.” Inside, the sun melts the minutes as you slowly wander, smelling each rose. The sweet floral scent in the air stops you in your tracks. You sit. Among the flowers, above the golden city, beneath the sun; you contemplate abandoning everything for this dolce vita.

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