Boboli Scarf - The Inspiration

Passeggiata's Giardini di Firenze collection tells a story of a day spent under the Florentine sun. When tied together, the pure silk scarves create an itinerary for an idle day’s passeggiata. Along the way, you will experience Florence’s gardens and “locals-only” hidden gems. Can’t visit in person? No problem. The Giardini di Firenze collection will transport you from your reality to a Florentine daydream.

The pure silk Boboli scarf is the second scarf in the Spring/Summer 2022 Giardini di Firenze collection, and thus, the second stop on the itinerary for the idle day's passeggiata. The Boboli scarf takes its name from Florence's famed royal estate, the Boboli Gardens (fun fact, the former home of the Medici). It's a magical place that reveals itself to those who wander its grounds. It's full of fountains, cypress tree-shaded pathways, and hedge mazes. But the most spectacular and grandiose area is in its south east corner. Getting there requires an uphill walk, but it's well worth it. Behind you is the sprawling city and you can hear the bells of all the churches tolling in the distance. 

Further up the hill you will come a curved staircase of ascending steps. This location and the ensuing moments were the inspiration for the Boboli scarf design. As you climb the stairs, you become enveloped in the Tuscan sun's glittering rays. When you reach the top, your vision refocuses to reveal the most unexpected and splendid sight - olive groves and vineyards dancing in the breeze! 

The design of the border was inspired by the Boboli Garden's natural characteristics - its hedges, pathways, and cypress trees. The center of the pure silk scarf's design - the grand sun beams - are meant to capture the sensation and scale of the very moment that your eyes refocus after ascending the stairs to reveal the marvelous and unexpected vista.   

Design Story

Our scarves create a Mediterranean daydream. Imagine...  

Strolling around the spouting fountain, along the cypress-shaded gravel pathway, beside the whispering hedge maze you arrive at the ascending steps. Looking back over the sprawling city, the bells toll in the distance. Climbing higher, you are enveloped in the Tuscan sun’s glittering rays; your vision refocusing to reveal rolling olive groves and vineyards dancing in the breeze. 

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