Iris Scarf - The Inspiration

The Giardini di Firenze collection tells a story of a day spent under the Florentine sun. When tied together, the silk scarves create an itinerary for an idle day’s passeggiata. Along the way, you will experience Florence’s gardens and “locals-only” hidden gems. Can’t visit in person? No problem. The Giardini di Firenze collection will transport you from your reality to a Florentine daydream.

The idle day's passeggiata begins as all proper Italian days should - with a coffee and pastry in the city center. We wanted to capture the essence of this experience, but also highlight a bit of Florentine trivia that most people are unaware of. The Florentine fleur-de-lis is widely recognized, but what most people don't know is that its origin is actually the iris flower, which used to grow wildly within the ancient city walls.

We reinterpreted the idea of a cobblestone design into the irregular all-over repeating print that you see. We wanted to highlight the significance of the iris flower in Florentine history, so we drew a stylized version of one to use as the border - which we think brings a certain balance and calmness to the overall silk scarf design. 

Design Story

Let this scarf transport you to the center of a vast piazza, ancient cobblestones stretching out in all directions. Stone benches and flower planters with blooming irises – the emblem of Florence - frame the square. At the corner bar, macchiato in one hand and cornetto con crema in the other, your eyes wander up the mahogany wall to the mounted bust of the Florentine coat of arms, this particular one keeping watch on coffee drinkers for over 289 years.

Andiamo! You follow the cobblestones south.

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