The Mare's Power

For all of our clients in the northern hemisphere, fall recently transitioned to winter. The skies are grayer, the weather wetter, the temperatures much cooler, and the days a lot shorter. When the spring escape is so far away, this time of year can really feel like the doldrums.

One of our clients recently shared a selfie that perfectly captures the essence of the metro-Mediterranean mindset. It was a post-gym snap with her beige Mare scarf tied to her bag, and the caption was, “Passeggiata making all my fall dreams come true.” It’s perfect - this is exactly what we mean when we say our purpose is to create a Mediterranean escape from our Metropolitan lives.

The Mare scarf is the most playful in the Ferragosto collection and most clearly tells the story of the inspiration behind the design. For us, the Mare scarf conjures memories and images of long days spent enjoying the mare (sea), which is much needed during this time of the year. We love the winter holidays, but its grey skies and cold weather less so. We often find ourselves wishing it was summertime by the sea. The Mare scarf makes these wintertime daydreams seems more real and provides just the momentary escape that we designed it to offer.   

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