luxury production is a relationship business

In the luxury industry, there are important benefits to being close to your producers. Primarily, it allows for greater collaboration and quality control, which is why we choose to work with Adamley Textiles, located in Macclesfield, England, just several hours from our London office.

This is the same reason many of the Italian fashion houses choose to work with silk producers in Como, Italy.

Distance aside, Adamley’s location and method of production offers several distinct advantages that are tangible in the final product.

The most important component in silk dyeing and printing is water, and Adamley utilizes local water from the River Bolin, which flows directly from the surrounding hills of the Peak District National Park. Unlike main water, which is treated with chemicals for municipal use, the water from the River Bolin is naturally crystal clear and has a balanced pH level which gives a rich and crisp color to the silk during the dying process.

The local climate is also advantageous. Adamley is nestled between the mountainous limestone peaks of the Peak District National Park and the Irish Sea, where the atmosphere is humid and damp which keeps the silk flexible and strong during production.  

Also, and very importantly, Adamley’s production process puts craft and heritage in the center. Unlike many large production facilities which hold the licenses for the big brands and run large volumes of printing, Adamley’s production process is much more aligned with the traditional methods of silk printing that rely on local weaving, dying, printing, and finishing knowhow passed down throughout Macclesfield’s more than 300-year history of silk production.

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