Gift a Digitally Printed Scarf


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Our digitally printed scarves are the perfect gift for your fun-loving and chic loved ones. The smaller size and playful designs will be adored for their versatility. Perfect when worn in the hair, around the neck, as a bracelet, or tied to a bag. The styling possibilities are endless.

Made from pure silk in a tropical twill weave, and finished with our distinctive hand-rolled shoestring edges, this expertly handmade 45x45cm (18x18in) scarf is enriched by our signature manopesca (Italian for "peach-skin") soft finish for a luxe feel. 

Digitally printed in Macclesfield, England

Edges hand-rolled in Pierre-Bénite, France

Bespoke wood case handmade in Bünde, Germany 

When you gift a Passeggiata Gift Card, you choose the scarf type or a custom cash value, and your loved one chooses their favorite design.

As the sender, you will receive an email with the digital Passeggiata Gift Card code which you must forward to the intended recipient. This is done so you can gift it to the recipient in a style of your choosing. Passeggiata does not send the gift card to the recipient. 

Gift cards do not expire. 

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