The wooden packaging for our silk scarfs is bespoke, and made especially for Passeggiata by August Schuster. Since 1909, Schuster has been making wooden boxes in Bünde, Germany, the pre-industrial way – entirely by hand. The wood is cut to our size specifications in the company’s own carpentry shop, it’s then milled and veneered, each individual piece is painted by hand, the various parts are jointed, hinges attached, and our logo hand-cliched using a letterpress from the beginning of the 20th century. Because each box is an artisanal product and one-of-a-kind, they vary slightly in appearance. That’s the unique beauty of hand-made products.
Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, the wooden box serves a very functional purpose. The wood breathes, it absorbs and releases moisture. This naturally occurring process creates the ideal atmosphere for the storage of our silk scarfs, ensuring that they will last for decades, if not generations.