Most visitors to Firenze stay just long enough to see the main attractions before moving on. The savvy tourist knows better and builds in a day to just wander. On its side streets and away from the crowds is where you'll find the Firenze you were looking for all along.

Joy! All the "big ticket" attractions now checked off the list, and you are left with a day to escape the crowds and experience la bella Firenze like a local. 

The Giardini di Firenze collection tells a story of a day spent under the Florentine sun. When tied together, the scarves create an itinerary for an idle day’s passeggiata. Along the way, you will experience Florence’s gardens and “locals-only” hidden gems. Can’t visit in person? No problem. The Giardini di Firenze collection will transport you from your reality to a Florentine daydream.

Let this scarf transport you to the center of a vast piazza, ancient cobblestones stretching out in all directions. Stone benches and flower planters with blooming irises – the emblem of Florence - frame the square. At the corner bar, macchiato in one hand and cornetto con crema in the other, your eyes wander up the mahogany wall to the mounted bust of the Florentine coat of arms, this particular one keeping watch on coffee drinkers for over 289 years. Andiamo! You follow the cobblestones south.
This royal garden reveals itself to those who wander. Strolling around the spouting fountain, along the cypress-shaded gravel pathway, beside the whispering hedge maze you arrive at the ascending steps. Looking back over the sprawling city, the bells toll in the distance. Climbing higher, you are enveloped in the Tuscan sun’s glittering rays; your vision refocusing to reveal rolling olive groves and vineyards dancing in the breeze.
The placard beside this garden’s entrance should read “take your time to waste a moment.” Inside, the sun melts the minutes as you slowly wander, smelling each rose. The sweet floral scent in the air stops you in your tracks. You sit. Among the flowers, above the golden city, beneath the sun; you contemplate abandoning everything for this dolce vita.

As the sun begins to set on the Tuscan hills, its golden rays turn fuchsia. An evening coolness sweeps along the cobblestone streets and in through the window shutters. One stop left on today’s passeggiata. The Città draped over your shoulders, you set out for a slow and gentle stroll to the trattoria.