Vesper Martini - This classic cocktail is an elegant pairing for our classic scarf, and the proper way to ease into Ferragosto. 


  1. Freeze your cocktail glass to ensure it’s extra cold. Remove from freezer. The glass should be frosty.   
  2. Add a dash of angostura bitters and swirl to coat the base of the glass.
  3. Add 15ml (1/2oz.) of cold Lillet Blanc Vermouth
  4. Add 30ml (1oz.) of ice-cold Vodka 
  5. Add 90ml (3oz.) of ice-cold Gin

Add a lemon twist. If you have a peeler handy, also peel a section and spray the natural oils of the rind over the top of the glass. If the glass is cold enough, the oil will slowly sink down as you sip. Delicious to the last drop. 

 Cin Cin!