We design our products to tell a story, so that when you wear them, you are transported from your metropolitan life to a Mediterranean escape. We do this by drawing from experience, both personal and professional, and by adhering to our three values of product, people, and planet. 

Our designs and collection stories are authentic. We are inspired by our very own metro-Mediterranean experiences, and the specific sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textiles which form the basis for the creative process. 

We spent years in the bespoke tailoring world. Our time managing the world’s most renowned bespoke tailoring houses and working alongside the very talented craftspeople instilled in us an unwavering dedication to the codes of luxury craftsmanship. It is not enough to have a beautiful design and a unique story. Every detail, from packaging to product, is thoughtfully considered, designed, and produced as one would expect if having a bespoke garment made. 

But before the creative and production processes comes our commitment to our three values, which are the cornerstone of everything we do. 

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