When you enter the world of Passeggiata, we want you to feel the Mediterranean way of life no matter where you are. It’s a daydream in color, where your senses are enhanced, serenity is palpable, and you are justified in taking time to waste a moment or two.

We understand that the moment may be temporary as your “real life” intrudes. But it’s the moment we create for: a blend of cultures that envelops your senses and takes you to a place of incomparable beauty.

 It’s something we’ve come to think of as the Metro-Mediterranean mindset.

We carry it with us in our own daily lives in London and Berlin. Those two major metropolitan cities happen to be where we make our homes. But we know that wherever we live we can revel in moments of escape that can fill our spirits and bring us joy.

Entering the world of Passeggiata will help you fuse the quotidian aspects of your metropolitan life with the reverie of languid evening strolls through the Mediterranean. And we rest assured that you, like us, will come to appreciate just how splendidly the two lifestyles complement each other.

Metropolitan…Mediterranean…a soul-satisfying combination no matter where you find yourself and your Passeggiata.

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