Passeggiata. It’s more than just a beautiful word.


noun; feminine;
Italian - a leisurely walk or stroll

In Italy, passeggiata has deep cultural roots and is a time-honored tradition. Most evenings, when the work day is over and the sun begins to wane, Italians everywhere – from large metropolises to small villages – set out for a slow and gentle stroll, or passeggiata, about town. A typical passeggiata will see you through the pedestrian zones in the centro storico (historic center), or along the lungomare (boardwalk) if you’re by the sea. More than just a stroll, the passeggiata is the most important social event of the day and a chance to fare una bella figura (make a good impression).       

For some, it’s a “see and be seen” event to show off the latest fashion. For others, it’s a moment to parade a new romance or addition to the family. For many, it’s medicinal, as a way to stretch the legs and aid digestion after a long meal.

For us, our daily passeggiata is an escape from our Metropolitan lives, where we can take the time to waste a moment dreaming of the Mediterranean.