»Città« Scarf Beige

Feet in the city, head in the clouds

Our scarves create a Mediterranean daydream. Imagine...  

It’s the evening before Ferragosto (the Italian summer vacation). The office is neat, everything in its rightful place for an easy return one month from now. The bags are by the door, packed. All that’s left to do is say the goodbyes. You’re meeting some friends for an aperitivo. This is still the city, after all, and a certain decorum of dress is expected. So, you reach for your houndstooth scarf, a classic, and get lost in the cream and blue with visions of yourself sitting in the sand staring up at the summer sky.

  • The timeless 90 x 90 cm (35.4 x 35.4 in) size, that compliments any outfit. Best worn the classic way – elegantly draped around the neck and shoulders
  • Artisanally crafted from the finest AAA Grade pure silk for superior smoothness, lightness and color penetration  
  • Woven in a tropical twill weave so that air can pass through, making it suitable for year-round wear
  • Finished in our signature Manopesca (Italian for “peach skin”) finish for luxurious softness 
  • Screen printed by hand in Macclesfield, England (the historical home of silk printing know-how) using methods developed in the 1700s
  • Edges hand-rolled by master craftspeople in Pierre-Bènite, France for a subtle luxurious detail
  • Wooden case handmade and hand-painted in Bünde, Germany - wood breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture to create the optimal environment for storage  

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Vesper Martini - This classic cocktail is an elegant pairing for our classic scarf, and the proper way to ease into Ferragosto. 


  1. Freeze your cocktail glass to ensure it’s extra cold. Remove from freezer. The glass should be frosty.   
  2. Add a dash of angostura bitters and swirl to coat the base of the glass.
  3. Add 15ml (1/2oz.) of cold Lillet Blanc Vermouth
  4. Add 30ml (1oz.) of ice-cold Vodka 
  5. Add 90ml (3oz.) of ice-cold Gin

Add a lemon twist. If you have a peeler handy, also peel a section and spray the natural oils of the rind over the top of the glass. If the glass is cold enough, the oil will slowly sink down as you sip. Delicious to the last drop. 

 Cin Cin!

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