»Iris« Scarf Fuchsia


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Piazza della Repubblica

Our scarves create a Mediterranean daydream. Imagine...  

Standing in the center of a vast piazza, ancient cobblestones stretching out in all directions. Stone benches and flower planters with blooming irises – the emblem of Florence - frame the square.

  • The easy to wear 65 x 65 cm (25.6 x 25.6 in) size is perfect as an accessory or statement piece
  • Artisanally crafted from the finest AAA Grade pure silk for superior smoothness, lightness and color penetration  
  • Woven in a tropical twill weave so that air can pass through, making it suitable for year-round wear
  • Digitally printed in Macclesfield, England - the historical home of silk printing know-how
  • Edges hand-rolled by master craftspeople in Pierre-Bènite, France for a subtle luxurious detail
  • Wooden case handmade and hand-painted in Bünde, Germany - wood breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture to create the optimal environment for storage  

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Caffè Gilli - in our opinion is one of the best places to have a coffee in Florence. Centrally located - in Piazza della Repubblica - this historic and beautiful bar pulls a proper espresso, and its cases of baked goods and sweets will satisfy any craving.    

Our go-to order is a macchiato (espresso with a kiss of foamed milk) and cornetto con crema (a flaky croissant filled with a delicate cream). Trust us on this one!

Local's Tip

In Italy, always sip your coffee and eat your pastry standing at the bar like the locals do. If you opt for table service, be prepared to pay several times more than you would otherwise.  

Buon appetito!

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