»Mare« Scarf Purple


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Made from pure silk in a tropical twill weave, and finished with our distinctive hand-rolled shoestring edges, this expertly handmade 45x45cm (18x18in) scarf is enriched by our signature manopesca (Italian for "peach-skin") soft finish for a luxe feel. 


Digitally printed in Macclesfield, England

Edges hand-rolled in Pierre-Bénite, France

Bespoke wood case handmade in Bünde, Germany 

That initial moment, when after being in the sun for some time, you fully submerge yourself in the sea, diving deeper and deeper, each passing meter sharply colder than the previous. You look up to see the sun’s golden rays breaking though the blue, it’s silent save the occasional static of the sea, and there’s a feeling of weightlessness. Pure bliss. 

Nastro Azzurro – a light pale lager.

 When it comes to food and beverage, Italy does a lot of things exceptionally well, but, beer, not so much. To be fair, Italian beers are fine, but given the choice, why reach for one when even the cheapest of wine is delicious.

Now, that said, sometimes the occasion demands a beer. One such instance is on those hot days, you’ve just emerged from the sea, and there’s still residual saltwater on your lips. In this instance, order a Nastro Azzurro. It’s lighter than the other usual options (Peroni, Menabrea, Ichnusa), and ever so delicately sweet, which balances nicely with those salty lips.

Cin Cin!

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