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Heavenly summer evenings

Our scarves create a Mediterranean daydream. Imagine...  

A day spent by the sea, and dinner in town. Just lovely. In the seaside village, an easiness about dress is a prerequisite, but this isn’t to be confused with uncomposed. So, something classic, something playful and unexpected will do. Why not a chic take on the traditional houndstooth pattern?

  • A playful-sized 45 x 45 cm (17.7 x 17.7 in), adored for its versatility. Wear it in your hair, around your neck, or on a bag
  • Artisanally crafted from the finest AAA Grade pure silk for superior smoothness, lightness and color penetration  
  • Woven in a tropical twill weave so that air can pass through, making it suitable for year-round wear
  • Digitally printed in Macclesfield, England - the historical home of silk printing know-how
  • Edges hand-rolled by master craftspeople in Pierre-Bènite, France for a subtle luxurious detail
  • Wooden case handmade and hand-painted in Bünde, Germany - wood breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture to create the optimal environment for storage  

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Caffè Corretto - in Italian means “corrected coffee,” and is espresso with a dash of booze. Something from a bygone era, this digestive is still sometimes consumed after large meals to aid with digestion. If ordered, the barista will assuredly smirk, and gesture an ever so subtle nod of approval. 


-Pull a single or double shot of espresso into a glass 

-Pour in a splash of your favorite liquor (traditionally made with grappa, sambuca, or brandy)

Cin Cin!  

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