About the name

a time-honored tradition

Most evenings, when the work day is over and the sun begins to wane, Italians everywhere – from large metropolises to small villages – set out for a slow and gentle stroll, or passeggiata, about town.

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About The mindset


The Metro-Mediterranean mindset is both a reality and dream. It’s the reality of everything that is attendant to living in a large metropolis, and imagining the Mediterranean as a temporary escape. It’s a daydream in color, where your senses are entranced, serenity is palpable, and you are justified in taking time to waste a moment.  

This is the Metro-Mediterranean mindset, and these are the moments we create for.

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Our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. They are so central to our identity that we decided to carve them in stone by representing them in our logo.

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The Ferragosto collection is inspired by the eponymous month-long Italian summer holiday. Every August, when the sun reaches its apex, Italians head from the city to the sea in search of cool waters, sea breezes, and the Italian equivalent of R&R – dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing.

Memories of a Ferragosto past and a visceral yearning for ones to come informed the stories behind each design in the collection, the use of colors, and the settings in which the scarves are most naturally at home.

In fact, the story begins at home, in the city.

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»Città« Scarf Beige

»Città« Scarf Beige


Screen printed by hand using the traditional method developed in the 1700s. Made from pure silk in a tropical twill weave, and finished with our distinctive hand-rolled shoestring edges, this expertly handmade 90x90cm (35x35in) scarf is enriched by our signature manopesca (Italian for "peach-skin") soft finish for a luxe feel. 


Hand-painted design 

Screen printed by hand in Macclesfield, England

Edges hand-rolled in Pierre-Bénite, France

Bespoke wood case handmade in Bünde, Germany 



Sagra del Tartufo

Sagra del Tartufo

November’s not-to-miss event is the Sagra del Tartufo (truffle festival) in San Miniato. This gastronomic event celebrates the king of truffles, th...

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